Art Education Concentration

B.A. in Art Education
The BA in Art Education major is designed to prepare pre-service art teachers for K-12 licensure. Toward this end, students complete required coursework in art history, art criticism, design theory, studio, and more than 30 hours in education theory, special education, and art education methods. Informed by the contemporary instructional methodologies of DBAE (Discipline-based Art Education) and Content-based Arts Education, the art education courses cover current concepts, theories, and methods in studio production, aesthetics, art criticism, and art history. Students also explore past and current issues in art education and ways in which political, social, and cultural viewpoints influence art educational practice and policy.

B.F.A. with Art Education Licensure
A second option is for students to earn a B.F.A.  in visual art with teaching licensure. To complete this option, students must earn an additional 18 credit hours in a single studio area known as their “concentration.” Students may select a concentration in Photography, Painting, Printmaking, Drawing, Graphic Design, Crafts, or Sculpture. In addition, students are required to plan, publicize, and exhibit their own “senior show.” Simply put, for this degree, students must complete all studio requirements for their concentration as well as all of the Professional Education requirements listed on the B.A. in Art Education checklist. For the six credits of 300/400 level art history courses, B.F.A. students must complete ART 350: Introduction to Art Criticism, and one of the American Art History courses (ART 325, 326, or 430).

Licensure Only
Students in this option must already hold a B.A., B.S., or B.F.A. in Studio Art or Visual Art, or the equivalent coursework. To earn art education licensure only, candidates must meet all of the art history, studio art, and professional degree requirements for the B.A. in Art Education. The Licensure Only option meets licensure requirements between Old Dominion University and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Candidates interested in licensure only might also consider the requirements at other institutions that offer Art Education licensure or contact the Virginia Board of Education directly to inquire about alternative routes to licensure.

Second Degree Candidates
Students who have earned a baccalaureate degree at another accredited institution, and who wish to acquire a second baccalaureate degree (BA) from Old Dominion University will be considered to have fulfilled the lower level general education requirements for the second degree. However, the 201/202 level of foreign language is a College of Arts & Letters requirement and must be completed for the B.A. in Art Education. Prior to undertaking a second degree, students must have their accumulated credits evaluated and the second degree program approved by the Art Department Chair or the Chief Departmental Advisor, and by the Dean of the College of Arts & Letters. For more information on second degree requirements, refer to the University Catalog.

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