Many of our Alumni  are hired by local school districts.  It is always a pleasure to see them succeed and demonstrate the key values we teach in our program.

Alumni Brandon Burdick has been awarded the 2012 Teacher of the Year Award for Douglass Park Elementary School in Portsmouth.

Rachel Rogers developed a program at her school for Dresses For Africa:


Alumni  Brandon Burdich, started a student art show at Douglass Park Elementary in Portsmouth, VA. The art show is meant to showcase students’ abilities and help them gain confidence in their creativity.

The art show was featured on a local newscast and can be viewed below.

Art alumna is a Meritorious New Teacher


Erin Balch teaching her Saturday Moning Art Class at ODU

Erin Balch, a recent graduate of the Art Education program at Old Dominion University, was recently recognized as Meritorious New Teacher at a celebratory dinner at Old Dominion University. Erin is a first-year art teacher at Salem High School in Virginia Beach and represents an extremely select group. Only 165 out of a pool of 3,000 first-year teachers in Virginia have been recognized as Meritorious New Teacher Candidates. The Meritorious New Teacher Candidate (MNTC) designation is an initiative of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Teachers Project, which is designed to recognize and reward exceptionally well-prepared new teachers. Similar to National Board Certification, this designation is one of professional accomplishment for prospective teachers who excelled at every phase of preparation and demonstrated a deep commitment to high expectations for all children.

Art Education Scholarship

Congratulations Rebecca Beauchamp!

Recipient of the 2008 Outstanding Student in Art Education Award

on May 9th, 2008 from Old Dominion University, College of Arts and Letters


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